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HELIODROME / Le Jardin des Espèces (Vinyl)

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Title:Le Jardin des Espèces
Format:12inch Vinyl



このアルバムを纏め上げるためにKhyro(ラップ、電子機器)とypl(ギター、シンセ)のデュオは、ドラムにSamuel  Bobony(Black Givre, Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche)、トロンボーンにPierre-Guihem Roudet、ベースとシンセにEric Gingras(Enfant Magique, Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche)をメンバーに迎えた。
このことが2014年の夏の即興セッションの録音につながる。その後、Scott Da Ros(Endemik Music)がアレンジを加えた。ラップが絡み合うフリージャズ、エクスペリメンタルロックなアルバムだ。

Track List
Side A: 1. Le langage des oiseaux (4:58) 2. Occuper les marges (3:40) 3. La plaie et le couteau (4:16) 4. Ramasser les corps vides (5:09) 5. Sous la peau de l’ours (4:02)

Side B: 1. Un prince parmi les voleurs (5:31) 2. Halluciner les dieux (5:42) 3. Three sample maniacal characters, one hero and a stranger. (4:24) 4. Enterrer l’aurore (4:42)

02 Occuper les marges


Album Credits
Vocals & Words by Khyro
Music by Héliodrome: YPL (synths, guitars, lap steel, harmonium), Khyro (electronics), Eric Gingras (bass, guimbarde, harmonium, synths, handclaps), Pierre-Guilhem Roudet (trombone), Samuel Bobony (drums), Scott Da Ros (samples, post-production, handclaps, tambourine)

Additional Musicians:
Clarinet on A3 by Félix de L’Étoile
Vocals & Words on B3 by James P Honey
Recorded by Félix de L’Étoile at La coop coup D’Griffe
Trombone recorded by Samuel Bobony at Sentinelle en Silence
All vocals (except B3) recorded by Scott Da Ros at Spaacemoon, Snoowcaat
Arrangements and mixing by Scott Da Ros at Spaacemoon, Snoowcaat
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering