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MAKI / Illustrations of Botany (TAPE)


Scott Da Ros が運営するEndemik Music所属のビートメイカーMAKIのニューアルバムがカセットテープにてリリース!!
フランスのアートレーベルHello L.Aの手作業による組み立ての限定50本、EndemikとHello L.Aの共同リリースになります。

Makiといえば昨年発売されたアルバム「We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate」が好評で荒々しいドラムの楽曲が持ち味だったのですが、今作はビートレスなサウンドトラックとなっています。エクスペリメンタルノイズ、ドローン、ポストロックといった趣の今作はシンプルな中に起伏があり脳みそを刺激しながらも情緒的な展開を聞かせる没入感に富む名作となっています。



Structure is mostly cast away to focus on the sounds of distortion itself while droning analog and digital machines drift between the layers. Noise and polyrhythms move in and out of focus, sometimes finding congruency but most often trading harmony at the margins. Percussion is shifted into forms that sound closer to churning water. Samples are denatured into their granular foundations and formed into new shapes. All of these elements evoke images of nature at dusk and the stark geography that captures their shadows. This is a soundtrack without a film.






Track List
Side A: 1. Larkspur (02:51) 2. Black Pines (5:16) 3. Brightness Falls (3:41) 4. At the Margins (4:03) 5. Rales (3:50) 6. National Parks (5:02)

Side B: 7. Because We are Fearless, Incorruptable (3:06) 8. Confluence at Fraser Canyon (4:43) 9. Palais (5:22) 10. Frames (1:40) 11. Jouissance (6:31) 12. Illustrations of Botany (3:43)

Recorded, debased and mastered by Maki in the desert city of Kamloops, British Columbia and cooperatively released on handcrafted analog cassette and digital courtesy of Hello L.A.(Clermont-Ferrand/FR) and Endemik Music (Montreal/CAN).

Edition of 50 Hand-Numbered Copies
Metallic Red c55 Cassette
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
J-Card printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper
Download Card printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper
Digital Download included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

Artwork by Maki
Drum programming on Rales by Scott Da Ros
Handcrafted cassettes made by Bertrand Blanchard