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rosemo(u)nt antiquartet – Fuguer le cillement du refuge en soi (CD)

モントリオールからHeliodromeのyplの変名プロジェクトrosemo(u)nt antiquartetが早くも新作をリリース!


02 En berne du rétablissement


Track List
1. point de fuite en détonation | 2. en berne du rétablissement | 3. accoster le leurre à marrée basse | 4. entrevoir à vif ou dévisager vu | 5. une main à l’aube de l’autre | 6. enjamber la voie des corps | 7. rattraper la proie de l’imposture | 8. sentier abrupte de l’expiation | 9. psalmodier en s’en distançant

About the Album
Music & Vocals: ypl
Recorded by ypl in Montreal at Sentinelle en Silence
Mix & Master: Scott Da Ros at Spaaceemoon, snoowcaat
Photographs: Christian Peterson
Layout & Design: Scott Da Ros
Curator: Michel Peterson
In collaboration with : ROBAA MediaLAB, Hans and Tamar Oppenheimer Chair In Public International Law, McGill University and Les Éditions TAMAM

The rosemo(u)nt antiquartet offers a new soundtrack for a film that takes place in silence through the collective unconscious.

This time, the theme is rather difficult to discuss because it exists in two very different parallel realities. On the one hand, the privileged with their comfortable indifference and, on the other hand, the disadvantaged who have no choice but to tear themselves away from their roots. This album is a humble reminder of this reality so remote for many of us: migration and forced exile. In the same way, this record is constructed as a displacement, a refuge in which we hope to settle. This is unfortunately never done without pain, leaving no trace in what has no space to be named.

This project is a foundation on which this fear is dropped. The fear of no longer having a home, to be left only with yourself, restrained to emergency and to start again between the hostile roofs of others.

When the time comes, sometimes you must fuguer le cillement du refuge en soi to catch a glimpse of the light.

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